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Mayple & Sebastian's

Estimated 17-30 lbs full grown
Born February 23rd,  2024
Go home starting April 19th, 2024





Available Puppies

Females: Billie $3000

Males: Harry $3500

Kiara & Hooey's
Estimated 7-20 lbs full grown
Estimated Birth April 17th to 20th,  2024
Go home starting Mid June, 2024
price $3500 + sales tax


14 lbs F1 Petite Goldendoodle

Lives in a Guardian Home

hooey photos-6.jpg


6 lbs Multigeneration


Owned by Pawsatively Perfect Pup Co

Waiting List:

  1. Breeder's Reserve Male

  2. Brian Bourdain

  3. Kristin Wren - Alternate


  1. Apply for a puppy, fill out an Application HERE and wait to be approved (typically within 24-72 hours). If you fill out an application and do not receive a response within 72 house, please call or text Seth at 602-421-7460.

  2. Phone interview

  3. If we're the right fit, a $100 Reservation fee is required to hold your spot on the waitlist. The reservation fee is refundable and goes towards the purchase price. Families can skip up to two litters. After two litters have been skipped, the family must choose a puppy, request a refund and lose their spot or forfeit the reservation fee and place a new reservation fee to stay on the waitlist in their current position.

  4.  When a picking spot becomes available a $400 deposit is required to hold your picking spot.

  5. The final payment is due at or before pickup.


​We will be running three separate waitlists: a Petite list, a Miniature list and a Small Standard list. Families will need to decide what list they want to be on when applying. If a family wants to be placed on multiple lists, they will need to place a reservation fee for each waitlist they are joining. When a family chooses a picking spot on a litter the additional reservation fee will be forfeited. I will make regular posts on Facebook, Instagram and on our subscription newsletter announcing future litters, due dates, etc. Once a litter is born, I will contact each family in order and offer a male or female picking spot. Families will have 24 hours to decide before I move to the next family. Families can skip up to two litters. After two litters have been skipped, the family must choose a puppy, request a refund and lose their spot or forfeit the reservation fee and place a new reservation fee to stay on the waitlist in their current position. Typical wait times can range from 3 to 12 months. If you are waiting for a specific size, coat or color the waiting time can increase.

Spots 1 and 2 of all litters are reserved for possible future breeding dogs for us, another breeder or families that want to skip the line and get a puppy sooner or pick of the litter. This can be decided when applying during the interview or later. If a breeder's pick is not held back, the price does not go up for the family on the waitlist that ends up getting the first or second spot​. We typically invite families to meet the puppies at 7 weeks old and puppy picking and go home day is at 8 weeks old minimum, no exceptions. Sometimes, litters need more time to develop and the go home date could be extended.


​​​​​Our Puppy Reservation Fee is $100 and is included in the final purchase price. Each puppy will be sold on a strict spay/neuter contract. 


*Arizona sales tax will be added to the final purchase price *




  • 2 year Health Guarantee 

  • Deworming medication administered during first 8 weeks

  • 7 week vet check and first round of vaccinations

  • Microchip 

  • A puppy gift bag, with blankets and toys that smell like mom

  • Facebook support group for all Deer Valley Doodles' owners


  • Pictures and videos added to Facebook and Instagram typically a few times a week​

  • Live streaming video in the puppy nursery (only for people with paid deposits for that specific litter). The amount of live streaming may vary from litter to litter 

  • Puppy supply recommendations

  • Food recommendations

  • A lifetime of support from from us 

  • Access to Deer Valley Doodles Owner's Group on Facebook


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