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Hello there!

Thank you for your taking the time to learn more about our program. We love what we do and our goal is to raise and train our puppies to be happy, healthy, and properly socialized so that they will thrive in their new homes. We have placed many dogs into homes as therapy dogs and service dogs, nothing makes us happier than hearing about how our dogs have changed lives for the better.

Deer Valley Doodle Arizona


What we do...

Goldendoodle breeder Arizona


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goldendoodle puppies arizona

From the time your puppy is born to the time you take them home, there are many things that we do to ensure their health and safety. We focus our time and effort on making sure we are developing a quality dog for you and your family to love. Countless hours and late nights have been invested into these cute pups.

  • Temperament tested puppies, matching our puppies to their forever families.

    • I get to know you, your family, and help match you with your perfect future family member.​

  • We have produced many service and therapy animals, and continue to do so every year!

  • We strive to produce puppies with proportionate body frames and correct structure.

  • Our dogs are fully health tested, and we only breed our dogs to other fully health tested dogs

  • We believe it is important that our puppies are in family homes, and not being bred irresponsibly, that is why we require all of our dogs to be spayed/neutered if not sold as breeding dogs to breeders

  • We follow the Empowered Breeder program for raising our puppies

    • We Start with ENS/ESI at 3 days old. Avoid holding our puppies much for 2 full weeks to bond with their mom/littermates. Then slowly incorporate more curriculum into their lives.​

  • We start potty training at 3 weeks old and kennel training at 5 weeks old


  • We believe in giving back

    • Our goal is to donate at least one dog per year to a person in need of a service or therapy dog

    • Mentoring/educating beginner breeders.

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