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We are currently waiting on the arrival of Mayple and Sebastian's litter of F1b Mini Red Goldendoodles. The due date is 02/22/2024 and we are expecting 7 puppies. These puppies should be in the 15-30 pound range and most will be red with white markings. Please check back in on our website of follow us on Instagram or Facebook for more details. If you would like to be on the waitlist for this litter, please contact us or submit an application. 


Introducing Mayple, our delightful F1 Mini Goldendoodle with a heart as golden as her fur. Renowned for her exceptional temperament, Mayple exudes sweetness and charm in every interaction. At 25 pounds, she's the perfect blend of cuddly and compact, making her an ideal addition to any family. With her laid-back demeanor and gentle nature, Mayple embodies the epitome of chill vibes, bringing a sense of calm wherever she goes. As one of the cherished dams in our breeding program, Mayple's lineage reflects our commitment to producing well-rounded, loving companions. Whether you're curious about her personality, size, or pedigree, Mayple is ready to steal your heart and leave a lasting pawprint on your family.


Meet Sebastian, affectionately known as Bash, our charming stud dog with a personality as vibrant as his red coat with white markings. At 12 pounds, this pint-sized dynamo is a shining example of the Toy Poodle breed, boasting intelligence and charisma in equal measure. With his playful and heartwarming antics, Bash is a true delight to be around, spreading joy wherever he goes. His sweet and humorous nature makes him not just a beloved companion but also an integral part of our breeding program. Whether he's romping around the yard or cuddled up for a snuggle session, Bash's endearing qualities make him the perfect boy in every way. Get ready to fall head over heels for Sebastian, the lovable stud dog who's guaranteed to steal your heart with his irresistible charm.

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