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Available Puppies


🐾🎈 Introducing the star of our hearts, Starky! This handsome, deep red Mini Goldendoodle with charming white markings is your next adventure buddy and cuddle companion rolled into one! 🧡

At 8 weeks old, Starky is not just a ball of adorable fluff, but also a quick learner who's full of fun and athleticism. Yet, when the day's play is done, he loves nothing more than to snuggle up for some sweet cuddles. 🐶💤

Starky’s ready to join his forever family on Monday, 7/17. Adopt him now and have a few weeks to bond and acclimate at home. Then, as the weather becomes even more inviting and he's ready for the outdoors post his 16-week shots, you two can embark on countless adventures together. 🌳☀️

Imagine the joy of exploring new trails with Starky by your side, his white markings glistening in the sunlight, his energy matching the liveliness of nature. He's your perfect partner for a healthier and more adventurous lifestyle. 🚶‍♂️🐾

He can't wait to meet his forever family and start a life full of love, fun, and countless walks and hikes. 🏡✨


🎀 Introducing the dainty and delightful Gamora, our sweetest apricot Mini Goldendoodle girl! 🐾🧡

From being a shy little flower, Gamora has blossomed into a charming young lady with a beautiful balance of energy and calm. 🌸 Although the smallest of the litter, she has a big heart and an even bigger personality. She loves her playtime as much as her alone time, making her a perfect companion for those peaceful afternoons at home. 🏡

Adorned with lovely white markings, Gamora's apricot coat is as unique as her character. And while she's got a streak of independence, she will never say no to a good cuddle. She is a soft, snugly delight ready to fill your home with warmth and love. 🛋️💕

Ready for a dose of sweet serenity in your life? Gamora is prepared to step into her forever home and bring a beautiful blend of playfulness and peaceful companionship. She's waiting for a family that'll love her as much as she's ready to love them. Could that be you?


⚡Introducing Thor, our mighty Mini Goldendoodle with a spirit as bright as a thunderbolt! His vibrant red coat and white markings mirror his vibrant personality and heart full of love. 🐾💕

Thor isn't just about looks. He's fun, athletic, and incredibly smart. Whether it's mastering new tricks or exploring the yard, his curious mind is always in action. He's ready for any adventure, always eager to be a part of the fun. 🏞️🎾

But Thor isn't all thunder and lightning. He also has a sweet side that will melt your heart. This cuddly boy loves snuggling up for some quiet time, offering you a soft, warm presence to unwind with after a long day. 🛋️🌜

With the perfect blend of energy for those adventurous walks and sweetness for calm, cuddly evenings, Thor is ready to bring the best of both worlds to his forever home. Will you be the lucky one to embark on this exciting journey with Thor?

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