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We require an approved application and a $250 deposit to get on the waitlist. The $250 deposit will be applied towards the purchase price. The remaining balance is due at pickup in cash. If you change your mind $200 of the deposit will be refunded to you in the same fashion as the deposit. After the litter is born the deposit is non-refundable. In the event a puppy is not available the deposit can be refunded or moved to another litter if available. We are currently filling our waitlist for our two upcoming Mini Goldendoodle litters.

How do I join the Waitlist?

  1. Fill out an Application HERE and wait to be approved. (typically within 24-72 hours). If you fill out an application and do not receive a response within 72 house, please call or text Seth @602-421-7460.

  2. After approval, I will send you information about how to place deposit.

  3. Deposit is $250. Deposit counts towards the total price of $2500.

  4. Send deposit and your signed deposit form.

  5. I add your name to the waitlist and keep you updated with all information about availability and upcoming litters.


Chloe and Elvis's 2020 Christmas F2b Mini Goldendoodle litter ($2500):

These pups will be dark red to apricot in color and the coats will vary from wavy to curly. They will range in weight between 17-34 pounds fully grown, based on results of their last litter.This litter will go home around December 19th. We have confirmed via ultrasound at least 8 puppies but there may be more, she had 12 in her last litter. 

1. Breeders Pick 

2. Anna and Daulton (female)

3. Shari H. (female)

4. Savannah A. (female)

5. Colleen S. (female)

6. Melissa-Beth G. (male)

7. Kerreshe D. (male)

8. Tami B (female)

9. Andrea J (female)

10. Lyndsie E (female)

11.  Jennifer D (male)

12. Melissa G (no preference, has soft spot for runts)

Cady and Waffles Mini Red Goldendoodle ($2500) litter is expected to go home mid January 2021. We are currently filling the waitlist for this litter. If you are interested, please fill out the application.

1. Breeders Pick

2. Chrissy C. (female)

3. Ashley and Javier (male)

4. Becky and Brent (male)

5. Sally H. (no preference)

6. Austin and Kristen (female)

7. Lyndsie E (female)

8. Jennifer D (male)

9. Melissa G (no preference, has soft spot for runts)

General Back up list for our Christmas and January Mini Goldendoodle litters. We will know for sure where we stand by the end of November, when Cady has her puppies. Based on the many requests for females, those wanting males have a good shot at getting one. If we are unable to get you a puppy, we will refund your deposit or you can apply it to a later litter.





General waitlist for back ups and future litters, planned for second half of 2021 and early 2022, we are planning on doing a multi-generational Standard litter (Harley $2000-$3000), an f1 Mini Red Goldendoodle litter (Piper $2500-$3500),  a multi-generational Petite Red Goldendoodle Litter (Rosie $3500-$4500) and an f2b Mini Red Goldendoodle litter (Cady $2500-$3500) . Please see the meet the parents page for more information. 













My Waitlist process is as unrestrictive as I can possibly make it. My ultimate goal is for my puppies to find their loving, FUREVER HOME from the very beginning and I believe that a family who gets to choose the exact puppy that they have dreamed about, is the family that will love and cherish and take care of their puppy for the rest of their life.

Therefore, it is in my puppies’ best interest that I help my Waitlist Families choose the exact puppy they want and that will fit in perfectly with their lifestyle. Consider me your new best friend to choose the right puppy for you once you’re on a specific litter list. I’m here to help you. Please reach out to me, Seth, at anytime. text or call @602-421-7460.


Waitlist Process and Choosing a Puppy.

  • The only way to get on our waiting list is to submit a deposit. We will not take more deposits than what we believe we will be able to fulfill within a reasonable amount of time.

  • As we formulate our breeding plans for the upcoming year we will send out email notifications to those that subscribe to our website (see bottom of our webpage to subscribe)

  • Once we confirm a litter via ultrasound, we will go down our list in order and confirm whether or not the people on our list want a puppy from that litter.

  • You can choose to join that litter list or decide to wait for the next litter. 

  • If you join a litter list, your spot on the General Waitlist is still held, so if you decide to wait for the next litter at any point in the process, you don’t lose your spot on the General Waitlist and can just wait for the next litter.

  • When the litter is born, I post tons of pictures and videos so each family can see the litter.

  • Families may come to my home when puppies are 7 weeks old to meet the litter, meet the parents and choose their puppy. If you are unable to come in person, we can meet via video.

  • Puppies typically go home at 8 weeks but sometimes they may need more time with mama and we reserve the right to hold them longer if we feel it is in their best interest.

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