From the time your puppy is born to the time you take them home there are many things that we do to ensure

their health and safety. We focus our time and effort on making sure we are developing a quality dog for you and your family to love.


Countless hours and late nights have been invested into these cute pups. Your puppy is handled daily, starting young with nightly weight checks and cleaning of their bedding. When they begin to wean from Mama they will be fed premium puppy food to ensure highest levels of growth, development and nutrition.

Our Puppy Package 

Your Puppy goes home with 

Complete Veterinarian Health Check


VACCINATIONS:  1st shots


1st year of life Health Guarantee

Puppy Care Booklet, with all vaccination & deworming history 


PUPPY CARE KIT :  Puppy food, Puppy Pads, training treats, a toy with mother/litter-mates scent, a blanket that smells like litters mates and mama (very important for puppy first week.)

Please see our recommended products page for other helpful items, click HERE  .​​​

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